Northern-born Nicola is a professional singer-songwriter and actress based in the South West, performing a mixture of cover songs and original music. She relocated to Devon at 18 years old and, inspired by the beautiful Westcountry and its folk roots, began to write and perform her own music. She has an acoustic singer-songwriter style blended with folk and country influences.

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I went through a phase a while back of going to sit by the sea whenever I had a problem (a method I thoroughly recommend!). I always found it comforting to sit and listen to the waves; it gave me a sense of peace and clarity. It made it easier to think things through clearly and so I decided to write a song about this process and the way that I feel when I sit by the sea.

Wait For The Tide was intended to be the breath that you take after you've finished crying, and before you go out to deal with your problems head on. That moment of resolve when you have made your decision and you are ready to go and face the world.

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